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New Construction

New Construction

We take upon the jobs other companies rather sublet to companies like us. Cutting out the middle-men contractor can add significant saving to your overall project costs investing the money in higher end finished product. See some project examples

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New Construction

Ridge new construction services will make sure to provide everything between the moment you sign, to the day you move in. We assure that with every project we take upon we will deliver the best customer service, best quality workmanship, professionalism in every aspect of the project, extremely competitive pricing and delivery with a smile!

So you're ready for your dream home, investment, home, or secondary property. Good for you! Now making the decision of whom to hire to facilitate your dream is not a task to be taken lightly. 

Our experience with New Construction brings to the table many other aspects which comes very handy, and cost effective in the total budgeting of the project. Starting with design support which will get you dreams aligned with the building and safety codes and the proposed plans. The logistics planning of what should go where and why do certain tasks a certain way.. resource and work scope management which will translate to milestone plan and further will become the stages for payments, if money comes from a loan, and or approval by Los Angeles Building and Safety inspection. Project schedule and administration keeps you in check on the progress of the job while making sure milestones are being met and timeline / budget is on mark. With every stage our supervisors make sure to align all our objectives with expectations.

To make your decision about whom should you hire to develop your project we advice the simple rule as with many aspects of doing business:  researching and comparing. It is the best tool you got. And all we ask is that you give us a chance to bid on your project. That's it! Contact us today and have one of our professional team member provide a free, in-home consultation following a free estimate for your project. Contact us today!