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New Construction services takes you through planning, design, architectural, engineering, plan approval, breaking ground, land development, construction, and finished product!
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Hillside Construction

At Ridge Hillside Construction we take on the projects other companies prefer not too. In fact, most of our projects are sub-contracted to us by other contractors who took projects they rather have professionals in this specific field deal with.   From design, to planning, breaking ground, development, drilling, framing, construction and final finishes we at your service.

Our team of professionals are not only courteous, on-time, and clean workers, they are well trained, experienced, and trade professionals. Our team communications with the project manager and the derived project plan contribute to the success of each milestone of the project. No better way to mark each milestone with a successful inspection by the Los Angeles Building and safety City Inspector which most Los Angeles county we now well and accommodate for every little detail to conform with building safety rules and codes.

We have proudly served home owners, investors, contractors, and development companies with our hillside construction services. Our skills set and experience get the the job done, on time, on budget. We are sensitive to bank requirements and work together with client to ensure payment release with each achieved milestone.

Taking upon a project in the hills can be a daunting task, and one bad decision can cause your entire investment to collapse. Let our experience work for you. Contact us today and have one of our professional team member provide a free, in-home consultation following a free estimate for your project.
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