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Caisson Drilling, retaining walls, hillside new construction, hillside development, and hillside additions is our main specialty. If we can do it on a hill - we can certainly do it anywhere! Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will consider us for your project. We fundamentally understand the complexity of each intricate part of construction work. Fact is we are specialists in what most contracting companies in Los Angeles avoid - hillside new home development. Fact is, we are often by other contractors to provide hillside specialty work such as caisson work, retaining walls, grading, land development and more..  as much as you do. See more information about our main services: Hillside Construction, Retaining Wall Construction, New Construction, and room additions.
Taking on a project can be a detrimental decision which will make your project turn good or bad. At Ridge, Inc. we ensure that we first and foremost, our social synergy match. If we're going to be working with you throughout months of development, steps, approvals and work milestone - we want to ensure you are happy to see us!

Our professional project manager will meet with you and ensure you are willing and content with his level of professionalism, manner, and conduct. With his initial work scope meeting, the project manager will provide an in home, no obligation, no pressure, free estimate. To schedule your appointment today please contact us.
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