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We take upon the jobs other companies rather sublet to companies like us. Cutting out the middle-men contractor can add significant saving to your overall project costs investing the money in higher end finished product. See some project examples

Retaining Walls Construction Work

Retaining wall construction is a serious work for professional and experienced contractors only. Weather it is on a hillside holding your entire structure, or a visually attractive design must be made to accomodate for your landscaping taste we can help.

When construction work requires building a retaining wall, enginnering, architectual, and a seasoned contractor are the skill set required. There are many challanges which needs to be met by city inspector, engineering requirement, and the actual layout of the surface which may pose difficulties in construction.

Ridge can help in the early stages of making the plan or designing the final architectual, and or blue prints. Our participation is essential in the early stages and can provide the plan to achieve goals and milestones. We can help with directing your ideas into a path that can easily get city inspector approval as well as engineering and architectual stamps. 

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