Ridge Hillside Construction
Ridge Hillside Construction

Hillside Construction

We take upon the jobs other companies rather sublet to companies like us. Cutting out the middle-men contractor can add significant saving to your overall project costs investing the money in higher end finished product. See some project examples

Ridge Hillside Construction (project portfolio)

Toluca Lake Construction Project

In this complete addition project we have erected an entire new wing to the west quarters of the house. Relocated the garage, complete remodeling to the kitchen, bathrooms, master bedroom, master bathroom addition, master closet, pool and spa construction, and backyard development. Project is complete - see images below.


Project Gallery

Master Entrance

Master Bedroom

Master Ceiling

Master Bedroom

Master Walking-in Closet

Master Entrance

His Her Vanity

Jacuzzi & Shower Daytime

Master Bathroom Night

Master BD Vanity

Master Jacuzzi

Concrete Breaking

Master Shower

Master BD Construction

Custom Cabinetry

Custom Cabinets

Brand New Kitchen

Kitchen Ideas come alive

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Pool and Driveway

Concrete Driveway Work

Foundation Work

Room Addition

Master BD Addition

1st Story Addition

Adding SQFT to house